Behind Our Technology

The Innotronics position sensor utilizes magnetic sensing and adaptive estimation algorithms to accurately estimate linear or angular position.  The standard sensor configuration is a 1” x 2” electronic board designed for linear position measurement in pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. The sensor board is placed on top of the cylinder and has standard industry connector interfaces over which position information is transmitted. The sensor system can also be customized for angular position or other single degree-of-freedom position measurement applications.


For linear piston-cylinder applications, other standard position sensing technologies have disadvantages of either cost, installation or robustness compared to the Innotronics sensor:

  • Traditional LVDTs and potentiometers need to be installed between the moving piston and the cylinder, and are subject to fatigue loads in a harsh environment.
  • Laser and LED sensors require unavailable line-of-sight access to the piston.
  • A magnetostrictive sensor requires drilling a hole through the entire length of the piston rod for installation of a magnetostrictive wave guide.

The new Innotronics sensor is non-intrusive, non-contacting and the easiest to install.  It is also inexpensive to produce, even lower in cost than a high accuracy potentiometer.  It can enable a new generation of low cost “smart actuators” and intelligent systems.

Innotronics electronic circuit board in pneumatic cylinder enclosure